Thursday, May 20, 2010


In the settings tab of the app.
USERNAME: "Enter vonage username"
PASSWORD: "Enter vonage password"
VONAGE PHONE NUMBER: "Enter your home vonage phone number"
On Disable Forward to: "Default is None. If you use default call forwarding( forward the calls coming to your home phone to be forwarded to your cell phone) enter your cell phone number here.Otherwise leave it to NONE.

AUTOMATIC CALL FORWARDING DISABLE AFTER A CALL: "Default is on. This will disable the call forwarding automatically once you place a call using the app so that if someone calls at your home phone those calls are NOT forwarded to the last dialed number using the app.
TURBOMODE: "Default is off. Leave it to on if you see the app taking longer time to connect.

DELAY BEFORE CALL: " This is an adjustable scroll bar".You can see the timer values in
iphone---->Settings------->Callsunltd---------->Delay before call: It is recommend to select 30 or above,to avoid home phone ringing.