Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CallsUnLtd-1.3.7 New Release for iPhone

As always, enjoy free updates and keep sending those feature requests! All features below were supposed to be released in 1.3.6, but they did not make it into that release. But here they are in 1.3.7! Enjoy

Whats new in this release(1.3.7):
1) Added unlimited Favorites
2) Enhanced unlimited Recents
3) Added Skype Support - You need to install skype and purchase skype out minutes @ USD2.99/month from Skype
4) With Skype support, people can now use the App from anywhere in the world on their iphone/ipad/ipod etc
5) Full integration with Contacts
6) Adjustable Timer for disabling call forwarding

We appreciate your continued patronage.
Team CallsUnLtd