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Trobuleshooting FAQ

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CallsUnLtd helps you make calls from your iphone using your home vonage service at no additional cost. The app is particularly useful for people who make international calls regularly.
Please note that you still have to pay for your monthly Vonage and your iphone air minutes. Other than that you can make unlimited calls to 60 countries including India, Brazil, whenever and wherever. You no longer need to be at home to use your Vonage international home service.
No more calling cards, no more per minute billing! Vonage rocks!! And this app gives you a booster on top of Vonage!

Disclaimer: We are not endorsed by Vonage. Any changes to Vonage interfaces and their terms of service may limit the use of this application. Right now Vonage rocks and enjoy it even more with this app.

How to perform initial setup?
A: Go to Settings -> CallsUnLtd. Enter vonage details(username, password, vonage home phone number) and select your country.

How to make call using Dialpad?
A: Enter international phone number example: 011919247812345 and press Go!

How to make call using Contact?
A: Create a contact. International contact should be like: 011919247812345. Then click on Call From Address Book and select the contact you want to call.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this app uses your existing vonage home account and when you make a call using the app, your home phone rings once and then the call gets connected to the dialed number. Please DO NOT think this is a Scam. Please read the instruction carefully on how to use the app.We will be more than happy to address your issues.

Email1. Hi i am planing to buy this app but i have a quick question will i be able to make calls from cell phone and me house phone at the same time. Please let me know so i can buy this app asap. And can i have it on my brothers iphone also will it work on two iphones thanks.

A:Yes you can make calls simulatenously from your iphone and home phone. It also works with multiple iphones - but check Vonage policies/terms of usage before using so. However, We do not recommend using multiple iphones with single home phone. ThanksTeam CallsUnltd

Following are brought to your notice:1-6 out of 10 calls made ring on my home vonage number only and some time go direct to home voice mail, do not get directed to destination number. 4 out of 10 go successfully.

A: Are you using iPhone OS 3.0? If yes, please upgrade to iPhone OS3.1+.
Can you give us more information? Were you trying to call the same number 10 times? Or are there some numbers for which it is not working? If its a india number, It should look like 0119192478xxxxx .

2- At least home vonage number rings once and my wife picks it up and gets connected. Find some way that home vonage number should not ring at all.Otherwise it is good application, better than ivonage.

A One ring is unavoidable - at this time - but we are trying to get rid of the one ring too.

Liked your application and was loking for similar application.1. Need to work to call anynumber instead of feeding into contacts everytime.2. If we could receive incoming as well.3. Can we feed in which number to dial while making calls (network usage as I have few landline numbers to call free from mobile and this will not cost my mobile minutes as well).Again good application

Hi ,1. We will address it shortly, please pick up the update once its available in a few weeks(v1.2)2. We will address this feature too in the same release(v1.2)3. Good feature idea - we will address it, but may not be in the same releaseThanks again. Please inform your friends - fellow vonage lovers.Team CallsUnltd

I like the app because of its convenience. I have one suggestion and it would be great if you can incorporate it. All my international numbers are in a global format using for example:
India would be +91 44 23455xxxx instead of 011 91 44 23455xxxx
I know that you did this in this way because Vonage expects you to dial 011 before dialing out. Is there a way that you can accept both formats and do the transformation in your code to put in the way Vonage likes so that we as users don't have to modify our address book?

Thanks and would really appreciate if you can provide this change. Great App!! I will put +ve feedback on iTunes App store.
Thanks for the feedback. We will address it in the next release(v1.2)Please dont forget to rate the app. And we would appreciate if you could pass the kind word around to friends - fellow vonage lovers.Thanks

Email5. Hi Iam using this application in my iphone 3GS.

when it connected, the call was clear and no issue.

BUT before that
i have these issues:

When I select a numer in My address book:

1> It dials my vonage landline and gives many rings.and we see many missed calls in landline.
2> It connects to different india number other than the selected number.

Please let me know if any changes/upgrades required.

Can you please try the following and get back to us:a) Use "Reset Vonage" feature of the app to reset your vonage line.Steps: 1) Click on the app and it will open up address book inside the app2) Click cancel3) You should now see "Reset Vonage"4) Click "Reset Vonage" and wait for reset to complete.b) When you make a call, please be patient - it takes about 10-15 seconds to setup a call under most circumstances. Sometimes(server load/network load/misc) it may take much longer.Please let us know if this helped you. We would be glad to help your further.Thanks

I spoke to you few weeks ago about an issue of CallsUnLtd application for iPhone.
You said you are going to release a new version with all the fixes in two weeks, but I haven't received any email or call from you.
Could you please let me know whether you have released a new version or not? if not then how long its going to take?

A: Yes, we have release an update. Please download it - its free. You also have a self troubleshooting "Reset Vonage" feature, if you run into any problems please select "Reset Vonage" and you should be good.Thanks

Email7. i have vonage, can i use this app on my ipod touch. Will it work or i have to have iphone.
let me know. thank you and have a nice day.

A: You need an iphone with preferably iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

My UK no is 020709xxxxxThis application is not working.
I believe UK usernames and password are different from US.
How long will it take for UK customers to work.
I paid for this app and is not working.I am getting error username or password incorrect but they are correct.What shall I do?Regards

We understand now why it wouldn't work for UK customers(we never expected UK customers).Please wait for a couple of weeks for the release of next version which will address this issue.

I've purchased this app today and installed it. when i click on the app after installation ,it says 'loading...' for a second and immediatly going to the next screen where 3 instructions were there. 1)initial configuration pending... 2)Close app & Go to Home>settings>callsunltd 3)Type in vonage username,password & phone. I can not find any other button or anything on this screen to go to home as instructed. I'm using version 3.1.2 . I hope this is not a trick to get $1 ...and please send me further instructions on how to get this app running...
A: Hi ,
Thanks for your email.
Can you please follow the steps as described in the app?

Step 1: Initial configuration of the application
Click on settings and then click on callsunltd.
It will ask for your username,password and vonage phone number.You need to provide your vonage username and password here.Please remember this is a one time setting.

Once you have done this please open the app which will open your address book and you are good to go. Please make sure your numbers are stored in the right format, ex: Format for india number is 01191XXXXXXXXXX.

No this is not a trick to make 1 dollar.We intend to earn a dollar from each happy customer and if you are unhappy for any reason, we will be happy to address your issue.

Please let us know if you still have issues.


Email10. Hi,

I really like this app. This is very helpful in making calls simultaneously over the landline and using the iphone and also can make calls wherever you are using your iphone. But just want to know if there are any thoughts to include calling over WIFI and also adding the keypad option instead of making it to go to contacts directly. If calls over WIFI is enabled that would help a lot in saving the minutes.

Hi ,
Thank you for your email and thanks for the feedback. We are addressing the issue #1(additional keypad feature) in release V1.2 which will be released soon.
Issue#2(calls over WIFI) we are planning to address it in release 2.0.
Since you like the app, we would really appreciate if you can give us a feedback.We strive to provide best service to all the customers. If you have any issues with the app, do not hesitate to contact us.

Email 11. Hi,

I wanted to write this app, but was lazy to learn and then implement this. But kudos to you makes my life easy calling home. This app was just what I wanted. Good Job!!

I just have two suggestions which I thought would be nice.

1. If you have to call someone not in your address book, you cannot do right now, is there any way you can have a dial pad to enter the number.
2. Group International numbers or even group them like India, UK, Brazil?

Also I just have one question, is there any remote chance that the forwarding is left like that after my call (like if I disconnect the call before it is set up)?

I recommended to all my friends who have vonage and Iphone.


Thanks for your feedback. Please see inline.
1. If you have to call someone not in your address book, you cannot do right now, is there any way you can have a dial pad to enter the number.
##### Yes we will be addressing this issue in V1.2 which will be released in a few weeks.
2. Group International numbers or even group them like India, UK, Brazil?
##### When you say group international numbers are you saying calling the group as a whole or storing the details in the address book in groups?

Also I just have one question, is there any remote chance that the forwarding is left like that after my call (like if I disconnect the call before it is set up)?
#######Sometimes it might. If you happen to disconnect the call before its setup, it would be better if you use the reset vonage option.On the app when the address book opens, on the top right corner you will see a cancel button. If you click on it, you will see a screen prompting for reset vonage or make a call. If you can reset vonage this will certainly disable the call forwarding, if its left active in some race condition.

I recommended to all my friends who have vonage and Iphone.
Really appreciate it. It would be great if you can leave a feedback and recommend your friends to rate it as well.


CallsUnLtd helps you make calls using your home vonage service. The App is particularly useful to people who make lots of international calls. If you have vonage unlimited international calling plan at home, then this app helps you make use of that service from your iphone. Essentially you can make your international calls from your iphone, whenever, whereever at no additional cost. Please note that you still have to pay for your vonage monthly service and your air minutes.
Vonage unlimited calling plan, when combined with this iphone app makes international calling as easy as domestic calling(No more phone cards, no more expensive per minute billing). Talk all you want from the freedom of your iphone. CallsUnLtd works only with Vonage phone service for now and is limited by Vonage's Web interface. Change in Vonage's web interface and or terms of service on home vonage line might limit the use of this application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1) How do I download the app from appstore?Ans: Go to appstore on your iphone, search for "callsunltd"
2) How much does the app cost?Ans: 99 cents
3) After downloading the app, how do I get started?Ans:a) Go to Settings, click to open settingsb) Scroll down until you find CallsUnLtd, click to openc) Enter your vonage username, password and your vonage home phone numberd) Closee) You are all set to make calls
4) How do I make calls using the app?Ans:a) Goto FAQ#3 and make sure you complete one-time-settingsb) Click on CallsUnLtd to open the appc) App opens your address bookd) Select a contact from your address book, that you want to calle) If the contact has multiple phone numbers(home/cell/office), select a phone number to callf) Once you select a phone number, the app takes about 5-8 seconds to perform call setupg) Patience, there's a tiny progress bar in the toolbar at the top - that indicates your call setup is in progressh) Your call is on!
5) How do I make a call to a phone number in India?Ans:a) Add the phone number to your contacts, if it is not already in your address bookMake sure you specify complete phone number(Example: 011-91-40-65234556 OR 011-91-9966262850)b) Follow steps in FAQ #4 to make a call to that contact/phone number
6) How do I make calls to any other country listed in vonage plan?Ans: Follow steps in FAQ#5, ensure your contact's phone number is in 011-country code-phone number format
7) How do I benefit from the app?Ans: Let me tell you my personal story. My family is currently in India. As soon as Vonage announced Vonage unlimited international calling plan, I signed up! I was one of the early users of Vonage and totally love their unlimited international calling plan. Thanks to Vonage, we can talk without worrying about minutes and large phone bills. But I was limited to using my landline phone whenever I needed to make a call. Thats when I decided to unlimit my self by extending Vonage's super cool service to my iphone. Now I have the power of my home vonage phone extended to my iphone at no additional cost!
8) Will my incoming calls on my home vonage line be blocked when I use this app on iphone?Ans: Absolutely not! Your incoming calls on vonage will come to home phone just as they did before
9) Will this app be available for Android, Blackberry etc?Ans: I have received several requests from other Vonage lovers! I'm working on it. Hang in there all you vonage fans!
10) Will this app be available with other services(other than vonage)?Ans: As of now, this app is limited to Vonage(as they are the only cool phone service that has unlimited talk plan for international calling). Work is in progress with other services
11) Why is there a delay when I click on any contact to make a call?Ans: There is a 5-8 seconds delay once you select a contact. Application is trying to setup the call. There is a tiny progress indicator in the toolbar at the top. May be I should make it bigger, so that users are better informed.Until then, don't worry - your call is being setup during that delay12) I am still not able to make calls?Ans: Following are possible reasons. For each reason, the application gives you a detailed informational message on how to fix the problem.
Error #1 - User has not entered any settings informationApp will inform you that you have not performed initial seetings. It also informs you how to enter initial settings. Go to Settings -> CallsUnLtd and enter correct username
Error #2 - User entered wrong username or passwordApp will inform you that you entered a wrong username or password. Go to Settings -> CallsUnLtd and enter correct username and password
Error #3 - User entered wrong vonage home phone numberApp will inform you that you entered a wrong phone number. Go to Settings -> CallsUnLtd and enter correct vonage phone number
Error #4 - User's WiFi and 3G connection are both unavailableApp will inform you that No internet connection is available. Go to Settings -> Turn on WiFi/3G
Error #5 - Phone number of contact dialed is not in correct formatApp will inform you that international contact needs to be in 011-country code-phone number format, and a US phone number needs to be in 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXX-XXX-XXXX format 13) Please send your feedbacks to