Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vonage Forwarding Outage starting @9pm Oct 26th, 2010

Starting 9pm PST today(Oct 26th, 2010) Vonage Call forwarding has been down.

Description of outage:
What ever was the last number setup in forwarding at around 9pm on Oct26th, 2010 - is stuck. Even though website accepts change, its not effective.

Please wait until Vonage resolves this issue.

Symptoms until issue is resolved: All your calls will either go to home vonage or to the last number called at or before 9pm.

We will update the blog when the issue is resolved by Vonage.

Team CallsUnLtd

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CallsUnLtd-1.3.6 New Release for iPhone

As always, enjoy free updates and keep sending those feature requests!

Whats new in this release(1.3.6):
1) Added unlimited Favorites
2) Enhanced unlimited Recents
3) Added Skype Support - You need to install skype and purchase skype out minutes @ USD2.99/month from Skype
4) With Skype support, people can now use the App from anywhere in the world on their iphone/ipad/ipod etc 5) Full integration with Contacts
6) Adjustable Timer for disabling call forwarding

We appreciate your continued patronage.
Team CallsUnLtd

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Outage starting at 5pm, Oct 2010 - Problem & Solution

Dear Customers,
We appreciate your patronage. Starting 5pm PST today(Oct 13th, 2010) CallsUnLtd has been down. Please see the details of outage and solution below.

Description of outage:
Vonage website posted a maintenance notice (that it will be performing a maintenance tonite).
CallsUnLtd has a extra security check - whenever it sees a maintenance notice from Vonage, it will give an error(the error that you are seeing).
We realize this is an unnecessary extra precaution that we took. We have already posted an update which removes this unnecessary precautionary check.

Executive summary:
1) The problem will go away once Vonage website removes a maintenance notice on their website. Please try again tomorrow morning.
2) Update posted to Appstore. Once available, please install it - and you will not face downtime due to a extra precautionary check
3) Android users - please update the app for immediate fix(Version 1.9.1)

We apologize for inconvenience caused. We will update you as soon as Vonage takes away the maintenance notice and also when the update is available.

We appreciate your continued patronage. We will do everything possible to keep you happy customers.

Team CallsUnLtd