Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CallsUnLtd-1.4 New Release for iPhone

We are glad to release Callsunltd version 1.4 .Its a free update to our existing valued customers and just $ 0.99 one time fee for new users.

Whats new in this release(1.4):
1.)Add/Edit unlimited Favorites.
2.)End call button.
3.)Minor bug fixes.

Known issues:
1. If you have multiple numbers listed under one contact, call will not go through.
Work around is to either use the keypad or save the contact with a different contact name.
2. Under advance settings, "Automatic Call forwarding disable after a call" is not accessible.

we are working on a fix and should be out shortly.

We appreciate your continued patronage

PS: We have received feedback from few users as to why we have ad's on a paid app. We are doing our best to deliver all the enhanced features absolutely free and ad revenue helps in this context. Other similar app's are charging for the features

Team Callsunltd