Friday, September 17, 2010

3 Easy Steps for CallsUnLtd on Android

3 Easy steps to make your first call using the app.

Step 1. Where do I get the app from?
On your phone, look for an app called "Market". Its icon is shown below. Click on "Market". Then search for "CallsUnLtd". Once you locate the app in search results, click to view details of the app. At the bottom, you will see a "Install" button. Click to install the app.

Step 2. Basic Settings
First time you open the app, it automatically goes to the Settings tab. You need a vonage username, password and phone number.
a) Enter vonage username, password and phone number.
b) Don't change any other settings
c) Click on "Test and Save Settings"
App will verify the settings by logging into your vonage account. Wait until the progress indicator(spinning wheel) stops.

Step 3. Make a call
a) Click on keypad tab
b) Enter the number you want to call. Example: "011919247812345"
c) It is important that you use "011" and country code, before phone number. Example: 011919247812345

Step4. Thats it! Wait for your first call to be connected!! For more advanced settings and details, please see below.

Advanced Settings, Features and Useful Tips

1) Automatic routing of international calls: From your regular phone application, if you enter "011+countrycode+phone", the call will be automatically routed to CallsUnLtd app. The app will open up and your international call will be routed via the app. Very convenient, is it not!

2) One click dialing: All your international calls, will be saved in "Recents". Once you call a number, next time you don't need to dial the entire number again. Just click on the number from "Recents" and your call will proceed!

3) Delay before call: If you reduce the delay, you may notice "home vonage" ringing instead of the called number. So please be aware. Don't make it too small. 20secs works the best in our experience. If you run into "home vonage ringing instead of called number", then increase the delay further.

4) Automatic Call Forward Disable after call: The app will automatically disable call forwarding once your call is connected. So you don't need to click on "DisableCF" after every call. That button is there only for use in cases of errors/problems.

5) Default Call Forwarding(On Disable Forward To): Please use this feature only if you understand it well. Some people would like to receive all vonage calls onto their mobile. If you are among those, please enter your mobile number into this setting. This setting ensures default forwarding to your mobile phone, after your international call is complete.

6) Still got questions/issues: Please feel free to contact us at
We will make sure your issue gets addressed.